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Hello! We are the Howard’s Grove Lakeshore Driftbusters snowmobile club. The club was established in 1970. The club consists of approximately 125 family memberships. The club maintains approximately 55 miles of trail in Sheboygan County. 45 miles of county funded trail and 10 miles of club trail, stretching from Haven to Rhine Center. All work done to get the trails ready each year is 100% voluntary and work is not mandatory but greatly appreciated.



January 7-17: Eagle River World Championship Races and Vintage Races

January 27: Club Meeting at Corbin’s at 7:30 (Howards Grove)

February 5-7: Club Trip-Richard’s in Dunbar, WI-Information in Newsletters

February 13: Club Brat Fry at Bummy’s Haus---Bring Desserts
11 AM to 7 PM Brat Fry---8 PM to 12:30 PM Dance

February 24: Club Meeting at Laack’s Hall at 7:30 (Johnsonville)

March 23: Club Meeting at Haven Bar at 7:30-Election Meeting (Haven)

April 2: Landowner’s Dinner at Klemme’s Wagon Wheel-More information in Jan-Feb Newsletters

April 27: Club Meeting at Pine Grove at 7:30 (Howards Grove)

Snowmobile Safety Classes will be held from 6:30-8:30 on scheduled nights.
Contact Scott Kolberg (980-6353) for more information or questions.